BNA is the French Standardization Office that operates within the French Standardization System (SFN), in the fields of road vehicles, cycles and rescue systems. It acts within the framework of the approval of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, and on behalf of AFNOR.

BNA was created in 1927, and has been a department of UTAC since 1964.

The role of the French standardization office for automotive (Bureau de Normalisation de l’Automobile – BNA) is:

  • to identify the standardization needs expressed by those involved in the field of road vehicles, emergency systems and cycles,
  • to prepare the annual standardisation programme for road vehicles, emergency systems and cycles,
  • to coordinate the standardisation committees in its field, in particular in order to consolidate French positions for CEN and ISO, to appoint French experts for CEN and ISO, and to prepare draft standards.
  • to mobilise and train experts.